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How to Make the Most of Your Tee Times in Portugal

To squeeze as much fun and relaxation as you can out of your Portuguese golf trip, we suggest you try the following. Here you will find aspects we thought of to ensure you have an awesome trip and a case full of memories. Our ideas come from much golfing experience in Portugal and from the advice of others who have been lucky enough to play there.

Choose a golf course with spectacular scenery

One of the best ways to relax while playing golf is having some decent eye candy. Many of the golf courses in the Algarve provide you with this, so do some research on the web before choosing the one you want to play. There are some stunning courses that will take your breath away while helping you to refine your game at the same time. All courses are beautiful for about 80% of the full year, so don’t worry too much about seasonal golf courses. Portugal is the land of sun and warmth so you’re likely to find a golf course exactly the way you saw it on the net.

Golf resort restaurants are real winners

Stick to the theme of your golf vacation and enjoy a meal at one of the courses’ fabulous restaurants. Most of Portugal’s golf courses host morning, afternoon and evening events and almost all of them have excellent restaurants for you and your companions. Some of these restaurants are actually quite high class, so get the pub idea out of your head if that’s what you think the norm is. Opt to dine at one of these rather than elsewhere outside of the golf course—you won’t be disappointed.

Bring your bathing suit

As already mentioned, Portugal is well known for its warm weather and predominantly sunny skies. Take advantage of this by visiting a nearby beach or enjoying the resort’s pool. If you come to Portugal without your bathing gear, you’re likely to be disappointed in yourself for missing out on such glorious weather. This is also a good reason to bring your family along for the trip. Kids will keep themselves busy for hours on the beach, and it won’t hurt you to relax a little bit with them.

Stick to one or two golf courses

It’s our feeling—and you may disagree—that playing fewer courses during a single holiday is a lot more fulfilling than playing as many as you can find in the area. Portugal’s golf courses have each been cleverly designed to teach you something about your own golf game. Find out what this is before moving on to another. Learn all you can from the golf course you play and keep at it until you fully master it.

Find a good practice range

If you’re not playing golf, and if you’re not out enjoying a meal or on the beach, what will you get up to? Idle hands are no good on a golf vacation. Spend that time working on your game by visiting a nearby driving range for an hour or two. Practicing while you’re on holiday may sound a bit like homework, but it’s a great way to relax and enjoy the actual games you’ll be playing. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy winning? Practicing will help you do just that!

Come To Portugal!

These points will bring out the true meaning of a golf holiday. Portugal is a wonderful choice and the above points are best suited to that area (especially Algarve). When you return, let us know how it panned out!

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